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May 15, 2013 – 00:00

Tips to get to the beach without worrying about

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Bacon,pale as a citizen hardened,inner thighs relaxed,flabby arms and flickering like pudding.If the description of the lack of tone sounds horrible and frightening,however,remains a tangible reality for many women.With the arrival of summer grow shorter skirts and lightens up the outfit to make way for the results of a sedentary lifestyle,stress and a winter that lasted a little 'too long.That's the moment you begin to notice - and fight - all the imperfections suitably masked by heavy clothing.If you want to practice a proper diet it matches constant physical activity and abstention from small defects that affect our skin,to find the ideal shape you can take advantage of powerful allies,such as reshaping and firming creams for the body.
But how to go about in the jungle of products slimming,toning or self-tanners to avoid incurring false promises or side effects?If you dispose of the small or larger accumulations of surface fat should move towards a specific cream,against the pallor of the face that is prevalent total body,products that rely on a defense should ensure effective anti-aging and indisputable.Below is a list of products for their indisputable validity get to the beach without having to worry about anything to.

EXFOLIATE AND HYDRATE - A 'must' for every path is cleaning: to rejuvenate,relax and take care of themselves.While it is important to remove dead cells which suffocate the skin,the other the daily washing and the use of products sometimes too aggressive can strip the skin's hydro-lipid film already constitutionally low on the body.Because the shower is a moment of pleasure that fully respects the balance of mature skin,Valmont has developed two products to be attached.The first is CELLULAR REFINING SCRUB,an exfoliating body effective and comfortable,but not aggressive,the second is DEW FRESH CLEANSER,a nourishing cream shower that does not dry your skin,fresh and invigorating scent,formulated with mild surfactants and oil pink rich in essential fatty acids.

STREAMLINE AND FIRM - To combat cellulite and unsightly roundness,Valmont always get a solution for those who,for a slimming cream,would actually visible results,as well as imaginable.In the new range for the body Body Time Control in particular point out two products side by side: a concentration activator slimming and anti-aging product for the body.The first,D.SOLUTION BOOSTER,is a gel that has a penetration of more than one competing product market leader and fight together against all phenomena responsible for the roundness and unsightly skin "orange peel".The second,C.CURVE SHAPER,is a balm concealer firming rapid absorption that affects the skin tone because the high concentration in HYP-silicon.


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