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April 28, 2014 – 07:36 am

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First reception was a stranger workers

READ: III John one to eight.

III John's theme is to encourage fellow workers in the truth. In this message, we are going to look at some reference one to eight. One to four is the introduction, five to eight workers stranger comes to reception.


True love

III John II John the beginning and the beginning of similarity. In an apostle John says, "The elder to the beloved Gaius wrote that I truly love. "John and Peter, just as 70 years after the destruction of Jerusalem master before the elders of the local church. According to history, John came back from exile, to stay in Ephesus to take care of Asia Minor churches. He may be the elders of the church of Ephesus, faith is the book where he wrote.

III John is addressed to "Dear Gaius. "This is not a man of Macedonia Gaius, (Acts nineteen 29) than Gaius of Derbe, (Acts 4) nor the Corinthian Gaius, (Corinthians 14, Romans 16:23, ) but another man named Gaius; when Gaius is a very common name. According to the contents of the letter to see the book, he must be in a prominent church brethren.

John says the truth in a (real) in the love of the Jew. Here's "real" (the original and the truth and the word) is the revelation of the divine reality - the Triune God dispensing in the child Jesus Christ to the people inside - a person's true and sincere, people live a match with the Divine Light life (about three 19 to 21) and according to God is, according to the worship of God are looking for. (About four 23 to 24.) This is the virtue of God (Romans 3:7, 15:8) became our virtues, by which we can love all believers. Live at Trinity divine reality in the Apostle John, was in this real, a subject dear Gaius.

Prosper in all things, good health

In two of John says, "Honey, I wish you well in all things, good health, just as your soul prospers. "According to the context of this section, see" everything "refers to the outside and material things. "May" Perhaps the word prayer mean. "Prosperity" original meaning smooth (as smooth journey - Rom 10) that successfully achieve the purpose of desire, and therefore flourished. Here's "health" refers to the body's health, as in Luke chapters thirty-one, seven chapter ten, fifteen chapters twenty-seven persons.

John comes in two soul flourished. Have three parts: spirit, soul and body. (Thess 23) is between the body and the spirit soul between the organs, there is conscious, people have a grid. Included in the body where the soul, and the soul is dressed vessels. For believers, it is the Spirit of God living in his spiritual rebirth, (Rom. 9, 16, ) and from his spiritual expansion, soaked his soul, so that the soul was changing, to express Him. (Romans 12:2, Cor 18) This is the believer's soul flourished. When our soul is the Spirit of God through our spirits occupied and dominated, domination and use our bodies to serve God's purpose, when our soul to flourish. Apostle expects his trustee, who flourished particularly dear soul brothers, able to prosper and be in good health, just as his soul in the life of God prospers.


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