Do Body Shapers Help You Lose Weight

Sweating makes you lose weight??

August 26, 2013 – 17:36

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During our walk in the middle of well-being and having spent much time by gyms, sports training centers and even in the same neighborhood where we live we always saw people exercising concerned about their health or their physical appearance, but there are some people in particular that we will discuss today. Lined are those we see from the feet to the head with long pants, jackets, belts and even thermal plastic suits and if this were not enough hours jogging or walking extreme heat this believing that they will lose weight and finally get the figure you have always dreamed. At this point it is necessary to pause and ask ourselves really Sweating makes you lose weight?

Have you ever wondered why we sweat?, If not, the answer is, sweating is one of the mechanisms the body through which we regulate or maintain our body temperature, because when it evaporates from our skin reduces excess heat. It should be mentioned that the composition of sweat basically found in 95% water and a number of elements such as electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) in our body that are responsible for maintaining fluid balance in the different compartments of the body. In addition, we also found Sweat a substance called urocanic acid, a natural filter that helps protect us from the negative effects of solar radiation.

Back to the beginning, in the middle of the sports activity often hear people say they wear these vests and clothing in general above to sweat more and thus burn more fat in the body that leads to weight loss. This statement is nothing more than a myth and a false belief because when we sweat we lose only water that can range from 1 liter in a normal person to 3-5 liters in high-performance athletes. In effect be lost but this weight loss corresponds to only the amount of water and minerals from the body and in no way will be the result of combustion of fat. In this sense, the only way to "oxidize" or "burn" fat, as it is commonly called, is used as fuel for energy and it is necessary to increase physical activity or in other aerobic exercise so keeping track of the hydration, otherwise excessive fluid loss through sweating eventually decrease the ability to exercise and decrease fat loss then. Do not forget that weight loss due to sweating is easily retrievable and again just drink fluids (mainly water).

Surely some will be thinking right now, "So if I do not take water sudo and means that keep weight loss." To some extent yes, but because of dehydration not recommended for health and after all the fat will remain in place. In conclusion, the sweating helps release certain toxins that accumulate in the body through food or medicine, helps regulate body temperature, but it is a fact that is not lost fat, yes you lose weight temporarily but this is reset just drink liquids again. So if you're one of those athletes that use thermal or sweat suits to excessive heat hours, as advice, avoid them because all you are doing is fatigued and run the risk of decompensation by fluid loss, if you really want remove excess body fat I recommend the consumption of thermogenic products like Xtreme Body Prowinner and remember with a professional advise of Nutrition.


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