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October 28, 2011 – 00:00

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名鎮名。 They have the same name - French Lytess shapewear town name. ,因為法國Lytess塑身衣是個例外;,他們的名字著名的法國Lytess塑身衣行業 Since France Lytess shapewear , because France Lytess shapewear is an exception;, their names famous French Lytess shapewear industry . Development and growth of their accounts, China and France Lytess Shapewear half the industry's largest. Is China's largest regional French Lytess shapewear current production, at present, the number of firms over the 2000 French Lytess shapewear, China and France Lytess shapewear Valley town Rao, China Knitting town Chen, China's domestic apparel Gap Town France Lytess body sculpting Shantou Chaoyang French clothing shop Lytess shapewear one of the complete industrial chain, China Town two English knitting. Shantou French Lytess shapewear advantage of low prices, marketing flexibility, and complete industrial chain. Shantou French Lytess Shapewear from twisting, weaving, dyeing, printing, jacquard, brushed, has been used by weaving, embroidery and mold cup, ribbon, woven label, rims, plastic, cloth hook, beads and other accessories French Lytess girly girly French Lytess manufactured a complete industrial chain, which is the national French Lytess shapewear industry base, is rare. Some even exaggeration to say that "as long as there is cotton in Shantou French Lytess shapewear production over there." Has the most perfect French Lytess shapewear category Shantou French Lytess shapewear category is complete, and occupy a variety of categories and domestic production advantages, including bras, panties, conventional French Lytess shapewear, warm French Lytess shapewear, seamless France Lytess Shapewear, Body sculpting France Lytess shapewear, home wear, sports and leisure development France Lytess shapewear, swimwear, France Lytess girly girl, Dress, warm pants, France Lytess shapewear sexy French Lytess shapewear, and even silicone paste and milk, almost all French Lytess shapewear category, Shantou two Chu feet. Bra, conventional French Lytess shapewear, tracksuit French Lytess shapewear consumers are more widely accepted these products are most industries in Shantou advantage. Has the most extensive brand positioning Shantou bra Maniform from the front, second Daixia Fang, Asse Hallyday, Jiao Ying's three lines, red Tzu love to the country's consumer websites everywhere. Home service brands, autumn deer, American Standard, Daer Lixin Shi family, Fen-teng, safety partners, Ma Ji, create beauty, pleasant child, and from the high-end products to the Volkswagen brand ranges. Behalf of the brand Maniform, autumn deer, American Standard, Li Daer, Italy, Asse Hallyday, Xueni Fang, Fen-Fang Wang, Wan Kang, a new University of New World family, Daixia Fang, Jiao Ying, Cai Ting, Li butterfly Man, Red Son's love, in June rose, Mu Lung family. Tattered copy some manufacturers to imitate the design, marketing, conservative, conservative, narrow-minded thinking, has restricted Shantou French Lytess shapewear further development. Shantou French Lytess shapewear modern history has a long way to go, the idea of ​​the older generation, the urgent need to innovate, the new generation also requires experience and stability. Shenzhen Komeito French Lytess shapewear manufacturers world-renowned cluster Shenzhen Komeito French Lytess shapewear concentrated base, a total area of ​​2628 acres, a total investment of over 200 million yuan. Currently, more than 300 million people in the large French Lytess shapewear enterprises in more than 20 well-known brands, the scale has reached more than 100 French Lytess shapewear business. According to reports, from the 20th century, the early 90s, the first Hong Kong-owned factories settled in the New Komeito French Lytess Shapewear has far more than 100 French Lytess shapewear companies gathered here, many of whom have in the industry's major suppliers important position. Emerging Flexible Factory Hong Kong's total investment of $ 7, 000, 000, plant area of ​​50 square meters, more than 6, 000 workers and annual production of elastic France Lytess shapewear accessories, lace, lace French Lytess shapewear and other Asia accounted for 70% of total production is currently French Lytess world's largest girly accessories manufacturer. World famous CK France Lytess shapewear, Qi Cheng provided by the factory. Fu Garment Factory is the world's largest swimwear manufacturer, Nissan swimwear, swimming trunks 60000 years has been tailor-made for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant swimsuit competition. Important new international status Komeito French Lytess shapewear in the country's reputation is not loud, but in the international market, the new Komeito French Lytess shapewear important. New Komeito from Europe and the United States and Southeast Asian markets, annual exports, France Lytess shapewear reached $ 2.8 million, mainly for high-end brands. New Komeito settled in 1992 over Xingshun Fashion French Lytess shapewear renowned manufacturers do not do this early, but manufacturers moved "French Lytess shapewear Waichuan" wind, just a few years later, brought together more than 200 designers In the material design, graphic design, functional design innovation, has become a "ELLE", "Mambo" and other fashion French Lytess shapewear brand, a stable supplier. New Komeito French Lytess shapewear internationally most renowned French Lytess shapewear - Lyon France Lytess shapewear exhibition, the international influence of the French Lytess shapewear industry, has invited New Komeito town of 10 exhibitors French Lytess shapewear. Behalf of the brand Fen Yi, Top Form, Snow Fairy Korea, Maniform new Siya, Di Na points, and so on. Disadvantages The disadvantage, with land prices rising personnel costs, Shenzhen French Lytess shapewear competitive damage, Shantou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, some foreign orders. Yanbu market-oriented operation of the French Lytess shapewear model Yanbu Nanhai, Guangdong Province, China's largest production base of the French Lytess shapewear products at home and abroad ", as" China France Lytess shapewear town ", and in the technological innovation pilot Professional Guangdong Province town of Dali France Lytess shapewear brand convergence, the existing French Lytess shapewear more than 100 production enterprises, employing more than 20, 000 people, the French Lytess shapewear annual output of 100, 000 dozen. Yanbu has gradually formed a a large-scale, intensive French Lytess shapewear industry cluster. nationwide France Lytess shapewear 15 largest known Yanbu French Lytess shapewear brands accounted for seven seats. Diana, United States thought Carrie poetry, purple Landry , nickel, Lufthansa Linney, Olivia Lennon, according to Mary and other names, such as one of the card, on entering China France Lytess shapewear also allows most prospects Yanbu Yanbu French Lytess shapewear is closely linked with the international market together. Yanbu French Lytess girly reasons, from the two "early", as early as the concept of the overall regional planning, marketing innovation and creative morning. With these two "early", Yanbu French Lytess shapewear gained tremendous fame and glory. Yanbu National Association created the first township French Lytess shapewear, France Lytess shapewear manufacturers integrated to form an overall advantage, breaking the foreign "Yanbu French Lytess shapewear" Group's brand, in 2000 and 2002, successfully organized two China (South China Sea) French Lytess shapewear model contest in September 2002, successfully held the "First China International France Lytess shapewear Expo 2002 South China Sea (Yanbu) International France Lytess shapewear Cultural Festival" , the establishment of Yanbu in France Lytess shapewear industry leadership. Technology industry has obvious advantages Yanbu was "in Guangdong Province town of specialized technical innovation pilot, " founded in 2002, "China and France Lytess shapewear innovation and technology centers" set up a precise three-dimensional body scanners have been in Germany and China The first person three dimensional database, enterprise computer from design to production solution provides a single point, in a very short period of time, the development of new products, new styles of the time required by the market, so that the French Lytess shapewear true direction of industrial innovation . Yanbu to increase the inflow of talent, training efforts, to play the role of vocational and technical schools Yanbu to open, including design, sign making, cutting, sewing and other French Lytess shapewear professional courses, training a large number of production technology Development of French Lytess shapewear and production management personnel of the backbone. "Alice" for the South China Sea Yanbu plant, or even French Lytess shapewear called "Whampoa Military Academy." There are a lot of skilled workers for the Yanbu French Lytess shapewear industry development and growth has laid a solid foundation. Representative of the brand, the U.S. thought Carrie poetry, Olivia Lennon, according to Mary, nickel, Dimens, sisters, Feng Lin, an Lisi and so on. Disadvantages Disadvantages Yanbu French Lytess shapewear can actually get a few numbers, they are actually 10, together with other small factories and exports, but also, but only 100, Yanbu French Lytess shapewear industry chain development is in Shantou enough, many still need to field procurement is also very complete range of products, home service and warm French Lytess shapewear no fists business. Zhongshan Xiaolan production of the world's largest French Lytess shapewear city, in the country which few French Lytess Shapewear is definitely a not to be underestimated. It is early days, no Chaoshan area, the industry is not supporting a full range of Chaozhou, the brand's high level of development, the South China Sea. However, Xiaolan French Lytess shapewear industry has emerged, so that people in a unique situation. Complete business many varieties, it was introduced, Xiaolan French Lytess shapewear enterprises and related supporting enterprises with over 1300 revenue reached 30 billion yuan, four Chinese well-known trademarks, 12 Chinese famous brand in Guangdong Province and over 20 State immunity license 101 brands. March 2007, Xiaolan, China Textile Industry Association has been officially awarded the title of "China and France Lytess shapewear town." Zhongshan French Lytess shapewear industry, product range, from the male and female French Lytess shapewear, France Lytess shapewear to bras, home leisure suits, indeed everything men and women. In the technological content and value-added products, Xiaolan French Lytess shapewear fabric selection, cutting sewing, health effects, creating a thin shape Chinese characteristics of the product. French Lytess shapewear brand, as the closest person's clothes, Chinese consumers are increasingly more attention, their environment, quality, style and other factors. Men's French Lytess shapewear, for example, create a common enterprise Xiaolan boxer shorts, underwear, etc., also launched a sexy T-pants, and other avant-garde style, and some products, fabrics, has a bactericidal massage function. Zhuang momentum, mutual cooperation, exhibitors trillion individual combat, while France Lytess shapewear companies to find ways to further improve the Siu Lam French Lytess shapewear industry influence. "Xiaolan French Lytess shapewear, " the delegation on the cover of one of the means to participate in CHIC. Needle to "make a great little French Lytess shapewear industry" position, Xiaolan French Lytess shapewear enterprise collective debut, 90th Session, found outside world advantages of industrial clustering and power. This is a continuous part of a separate exhibition compared to the "Fashion" and garment factory brand manager meetings, joint booth costs and expenses lower than before, and others in the town also play a role in enhance effectiveness. After the reforms do its own brand of wedding dress, Zhongshan French Lytess shapewear industry for the local pillar industries grow rapidly. However, a simple family practice only on labor costs and price competition, reduce the direct impact on the profitability of the enterprise again the viability of the cottage. Therefore, allowing the well-known French and foreign Lytess shapewear brand, relying on a garment factory OEM manufacturers of quality, cooperation and development opportunities breathing. When the French Lytess shapewear colleagues found that quality, service and the importance of all the competing OEM certification, OEM rough roads began to change. In the past to help others make the wedding dress is the accumulation of capital and means to enhance the strength, this time in France Lytess shapewear companies began to create their own French Lytess shapewear brand and stable quality, perfect sales and after-sales network Road and moderate prices considerable profits for the enterprise to obtain energy accumulation. Athletes, on behalf of the brand Kangniya, rich Nilai, flower umbrella, according to the home of East Timor created Jarno, Riyadh, Asaka, Annie Fang, pretty girl, Kaiweibulang, butterfly Anfen, Weed Dragon rights. Disadvantages Disadvantages Xiaolan, hardware and other industries, due to abnormal development, is China's most important production base of hardware, while other industries are also well developed, leading to a chronic lack of attention the French Lytess shapewear, lack of overall planning, less well-known throughout the country. In addition kangniya rich Nilai integrated tracksuit and bras as well as other French Lytess shapewear industry, others are mostly not high-tech French Lytess shapewear for the future development of space is limited. Yiwu seamless France Lytess shapewear surpass Although the French Lytess shapewear industry rising star, but Yiwu is urged. "Chinese seamless knitwear city" Yiwu has become a business card. According to statistics, at present, Yiwu seamless France Lytess shapewear produce more than 600 enterprises, including the model rules and annual sales of more than 120 companies over a 22 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that, in Yiwu, driven by the surrounding development is very good Dongyang French Lytess shapewear. Stronghold well-known trademarks in China was born here. Play a key role in the Yiwu market is dominated by the French Lytess shapewear seamless, seamless France Lytess shapewear, seamed French Lytess shapewear, bras, composed of three blocks, each feature is obvious. Seamless French Lytess shapewear Yiwu, Yiwu OEM of many famous brand in France Lytess shapewear property based on domestic products. High-grade seamless France Lytess shapewear products, mainly in the high-end products. Since last year, due to manufacturer competition, prices fell two years ago, has been reduced to 8 90 yuan 30 sets or set


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