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March 9, 2014 – 03:53 pm


. Bike Maintenance Star Shaper is a fantastic exercise bike for all those who would like to practice a physical activity to lose weight, burn calories and always be in good health.

. Having a bike fitness is a great way to get exercise. It is much more economic, for instance, that the attending a gym. . With this bike at home, you can practice a physical activity at their own pace and whenever it likes. Does not depend any more factor. It's raining? It has a very full life? Love watching certain programs on TV and will not run because it has absolutely see that? With this bike, no problem!

In physiological terms, we can mention the following:

  • , Better oxygenation of the blood and brain,
  • , Higher concentration,
  • , Increased production of endorphins which leads to an increased sense of well-being
  • , Increased energy levels,
  • Better functioning of the body in general,
  • , Lose weight,
  • , Increased muscle mass,
  • among many other benefits!

One of the concerns when buying equipment deport is the difficulty of assembly. . It is normal to seek equipment and easy to assemble this bike is very easy to assemble. The assembly complete in less than an hour (approximately 40 minutes).

. Another advantage is that the bicycle occupy very little space either dismantled as assembled. Can be be placed in a corner of your living room without disturbing anyone. Why light can easily carry it and change it from location to vary. Can thus vary the view and easily turn it to TV or to the window to see what is happening out there quietly while pedaling.

You can adjust the difficulty of the exercise to be able to evolve at their own pace. Earlier, can put the resistance level at least to adapt to exercise especially if no longer practice any physical activity for some time. . Over time, and come to pedal increasingly easily can easily increase the level of resistance by turning the control of resistance.

Cycling is a physical activity particularly recommended because it requires the action of the major muscle groups. . With this Bike Maintenance Star Shaper, can ride a bicycle at any time adjust the level of resistance to their physical and go evolve as their progress.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Suitable for individuals up to 1.73 m.
  • Structure adapted to a maximum weight of 100 kg.
  • Stable (front struts and rear skid).
  • Measurement of the activity through the computer: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories.
  • Batteries: Monitor: batteries (included).
  • Resistance regulator in order to progress at your own pace.
  • Handlebar comfortable (a rubber on each side).
  • Very easy to fix.
  • Comfortable saddle.
  • Possibility to adjust the seat height.
  • Pedals with Velcro for a perfect fit on the foot.
  • Pedaling silent.
  • Solid construction.
  • Warranty: 3 years.
  • 1 Bike Maintenance Star Shaper with instructions.

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