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August 9, 2013 – 00:00

The course of treatment received invitations really looking forward to!
試做消脂療程, Have the opportunity to try Perfect Shape Cellulite treatment
Eliminate stubborn belly.

旗艦店, Try Hang Lung Centre, Causeway Bay is the place of the Perfect Shape flagship store,
Decor is very simple and elegant, not sub-divided chamber salons,
Great sense of space, the environment is very comfortable.
Because the relationship has an appointment,
A therapist into the store was taken treatment rooms.

The VIP rooms have a chance to do treatments, very pleasantly surprised to say.

Is the continuation of the entire reception decor minimalist elegance style,
And very hotel suite style.

Space of the room is really large.

Say it like hotel suites, really do not exaggerate,
Even sofa, tea Wu, TV, dresser, vanity,
Readily available,
Bigger than my living room Orz

Rehabilitation centers will have to mention prepare bathrobes, towels, disposable paper underwear, to the replacement,
For comfortable doing treatments.

Because this is the time to slip out for lunch,
And the relationship between the location only pot,
So he chose the most time-efficient approach:
Just take off the lower body skirt, jacket, rolled up vest,
Wear a bathrobe to lie down to do treatments,
This did not put on disposable paper underwear,

Today protagonist: Exilis Pro level of God Mesotherapy Machine

Mesotherapy listen to a lot, there are painless Cellulite, firming shaping effect,
A very powerful level of God Cellulite machine.

的塑身原理是 In fact, body sculpting principle Exilis Pro
♥ combined with focused ultrasound and radiofrequency Lahti lipolysis;
abdomen or limbs can be specifically stubborn thigh fat;
♥ in the skin for a comfortable deep heat;
♥ does not produce pain, also without anesthesia.

Before the start of treatment, the therapist will be placed in the back of several pieces of pad stickers,
Exilis radio waves to connect,
And coated in a position to do machine dedicated oil.

Exilis Pro mining head will be temperature display,
Temperature will slowly and gradually gradually raised to 40 degrees,
Warm very comfortable.

Because Exilis Pro radio waves into the deep,
So that the temperature rise of body fat, the effect of dissolving fat,
Even after treatment, the temperature will be maintained until a period of time,
Warm very comfortable,

Done the right side, has immediately see the effect,
Waist compact, and very moving.

In fact, throughout the course of the time short,
4.5 minutes on each side, a total of nine minutes of the time,
Cellulite treatment is completed.

Although time is short, but the effect is immediate to see.
After treatment, tummy bit to keep warm,
Have become compact feeling.

Of course, only once the effect may not be fully seen,
Therefore, this course will continue, and
Xiao Nan to achieve the best results.

The next time to continue :)

[Second course of treatment is provided free of charge by the necessary rehabilitation centers]

Perfect Shape Perfect Shape
| E5% BF% 85% E7% 98% A6% E7% AB% 99 / 211, 939, 568, 954, 879
Causeway Bay flagship store - Paterson Street, 19th Floor, Hang Lung Centre, 2-20 (SaSa / Broadway upstairs)
+852 27109838

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