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What are famous not be fooled ... Bring girdle!

March 7, 2014 – 02:03 pm

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What are famous not be fooled, for under these flamboyant dresses bring a good belt that keeps everything under control and helps highlight her delicious curves. Find out who are the "celebrities" who do not go without his and the best tips to use.

Everyone knows that Jennifer Lopez is the owner of a very voluptuous body and it is essential to keep your curves in place, so it never goes out without a sash that forms a real hot body. But if you like JLo likes the idea of ​​the band, you should know that there are several types: The lipo-reducing, Shapewear, the post-operative and post-partum.

The leaves will surely not another minute post-partum is Galilea Montijo, because her pregnancy took up many pounds thanks to bands such perfect figure looks every Sunday. If Galilee just like giving birth, it is very important that you use this type of belt, as well as help you regain your figure, in case you did cesarean will protect the wound.

Beyonce probably already stopped using the post-partum and now does not come without its lipo-reducing, because like many women, the wife of Jay-Z have problems with weight and thanks to this garment has been shedding a few pounds more, and so waisted dresses like this looks super flat abs.

We know that Sofia Vergara is one of the sexiest women on the planet, but this does not mean that like thousands of women one of its best kept secrets to keep your figure are the strips, is that with so many curves it is necessary to use one for each part of your body look very firm and do not go from one side to the other, which surely achieved with a girdle shaper, which makes your figure look totally acinturada and highlights your curves without departing any "chubby ".

To another he discovered the secret was to Kim Kardashian, who with voluptuous body is a fact that needs a little help to look spectacular band. We recommend that you use seamless belts, as this will not be noticeable at all and you can use very waisted dresses without anyone knowing that you are wearing one.

Since before you were pregnant, Jessica Simpson suffered weight problems and body slim and trim that looked stuck in the past, but thanks to this garment hides these heinous female rolls the torment. It is important not to use all day, as they can affect blood circulation, so if you begin to feel that a body part sleep you take it off at the moment!

Laura León, better known as "The Tesorio" has very good body for her age, but does not fool anyone, because we know that does not have the flat abs with this boasting golden outfit underneath it brings a huge belt, bad is that what reduced the girdle, pulled him over! and had his front will see somewhat exaggerated. So the best thing you can do is find one that you do not remove more curves.


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