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March 19, 2014 – 02:38 am

Paper Shapers Fun

Punches of forms.Many subjects available.Thanks to the revolutionary system of punch which facilitates its use,are suitable for children as the button is very soft and can be pressed without effort.You can use the cut-out or you will get the perforated part to decorate whatever you want.Not suitable to be used with particularly heavy cardboard (over 200 gr.).There are so many forms of sizes and for different uses,from creating borders to decorate the corners.Just look for the shape and the right item to create to accomplish,but usually die cutter corresponds to a single design!

Big Shot

First of all: what is it?The Big Shot is used to cut out silhouettes of various shapes and sizes for our work scrapbooking and cardmaking ...

It seems to be of the same function of the punches,but the Big Shot has a dowry in most,the power,which allows it not only to obtain forms much larger than those produced with traditional die cutting machines to button or lever,but also cut "difficult" materials such as cloth or thick,compressed cardboard,metal foil,cork,rubber crepla,felt,materials that normal punches you can not even touch.Another feature of the Big Shot is the ability to embossare paper,cardboard and metal foil using the specific Textures.It 'an exciting possibility that alone is enough to justify the purchase of the machine: in a few seconds you get past the fact that the same result with the stylus or with relief from the textures of the Fiskars tool for several minutes and require a considerable manual effort!

The same Sizzix,Big Shot of the manufacturer,sells other machines,among which the most famous are the Sidekick,the younger sister of the Big Shot and Big Shot Pro,the older sister not to mention that there is also an automated version,the Big Shot Express.
Other famous companies that produce manuals are punching Cricut Cuttlebug with her,Toga with Decoratrice and with Spellbinders Grand Calibur. Sizzix Sidekick

For the pink and the small size looks like a toy but do not be fooled by its appearance,the Sidekick is a punching machine in all respects.It 'about half the size of the Big Shot and weighs only 2 kg (compared to 3.4 kg.'s Big Shot),so that to keep it from moving during use has been equipped with suction cups at the base that hold it lands on the floor of job.

Like other small die cutting is able to cut and embossare only paper and cardboard and can only work with small and medium Sizzlits masks.

Sizzix Big Shot Pro

It 's the size of the Big Shot luxury compared to what is about twice as wide and weighs almost 20 kg!

It 'compatible with all the punches and the textures of the Big Shot and is also equipped with their own models that allow you to get shapes and large projects,but the bulky and the high cost (over 300!) Make it ill-suited to 'domestic use,even for the advanced hobbyist.

Sizzix Big Shot Express

And 'the least known of the Sizzix machines and,for that which is given to read on the forums of the English language,since in Italy never came,was a flop from the commercial point of view.This is understandable when you consider that the only feature that differentiates it from the Big Shot-apart from the higher price-is the absence of the crank,replaced by a button that moves the roller electrically.Anyone who has tried to use the Big Shot has already realized that turning the crank does not make the slightest effort so that the automation of roller appears as a useless gadget (which moreover undertakes to place the machine near a power current!)

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