This lingerie make you slim

August 26, 2013 – 14:06

Shatobu Those are once-great news with the new lingerie from the series Spanx one can easily profess the Dolce Vita and wegmogeln with the convenience laundry a few pounds too much discreetly. The elastic material makes a tight body and the fashionable body shapers also help with calorie consumption. Shatobou has the lingerie, one woman on the practical companions of everyday life. The muscle is mobilized along the way during wear and extra 150 calories consumed. Who makes sport, provides for a 12 percent increase in sales calories. Since you have a really nice feel and can swing calms the City stroll the hips!

Cheating on Starr hype: Gwyneth Paltrow presents Bodyformer

Even the celebrities profess to be cultivated Liebest├Âter of yore. So it makes much more fun flattering to wear feminine clothes. Meanwhile, celebrities such as talk queen Oprah Winfrey, the distinctive Eva Longoria or the sexy Gwyneth Paltrow cheating at its best. The racy curve model Kim Kardashian revealed on her blog even: "I live for Spanx!" Blakely presented at the "5 Elements" - fair their Ultimate Cotton Collection "Spoil Me Cotton" before.

Meanwhile, you can order 150 items in shop, moving in a moderate price range between 20 and 90 euros. Chic but functional underwear is not just women's business. Men also have their problem areas and like to do something for a crisp back, even if it must be textile shooters help. The lords of creation will also find it at Spanx.

Push it allows: With Bodyformern to Kurvenstar

With the new foundation garments can easily provide its benefits to the fore. The cult Shapewear from the USA recognized by a wasp waist and gives the buttocks and the breasts attractive rounding. The Slim Cognito from Spanx is a waist shaper of the special class. Like a second skin, it adapts to the body.

Tight End Tight tights with flowers are the perfect base for hot minis. Since you can feel safe and secure and show no dents shapely legs. Spanx undergarments are in itself a temptation and the Skinny Britches in pink funny present themselves. New is the splash of color that helps the underwear with humor on the jumps.

ShaToBu Bodyshaper give a sexy silhouette - nothing pushes through and the figure is in top form. Whether or High Waist Shaper Shaping Tight Tights - Underwear that does not slip and is very comfortable. It is and remains a sweet mystery for body-conscious women who want to give her a slim line Pusch.


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