SCALA takes sensuality and comfort of shapes and modelers FENIM 2013

March 25, 2014 – 10:57 am

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The Scala brings to the winter 2013 a collection that combines contemporary,sensuality and beauty,perfect attitude for women who know what they want and seek: to care,pampering,gift-giving and express your personality.For Fall / Winter 2013,the focus of the brand will be the shapes,modelers and baseline.

Worldwide success,traditonal pieces are a strong trend and therefore should be beautiful as well as functional.Line Shape Up Sculpt Scala consists of dresses,shorts,tops,bodysuits,skirts and pants that reduce up to 2 cm in circumference.Worked in lace and mesh lighter pieces have modern design and lace details that guarantee sensuality.

In addition to shaping the body,the line is drawn with Biofir Emana yarn,which helps reduce the signs of cellulite and improves skin appearance.The special yarn has bio-active crystals using body heat to promote microcirculation,oxygenation and drainage of cells.The line of Biofir Scala consists of bodies,bras,panties,leggings and shorts in the colors chocolate and black.

The Basic line is dedicated to women who know what they want and need parts accompanying it in every moment of the day,without sacrificing freedom of movement and comfort.Highlight for Precision Up Bra Bulge,approaching and lifts the breasts naturally.180811_292085_a02452 The bulge has different filling levels to adapt to the size of the breast.The removable handles allow the part to be used with various models of sweaters.

Ideal time to enjoy ultra comfortable,the line Casual Wear has many tops,tank tops,pants and leggings.With wide range of colors,the pieces are versatile and perfect for coordinating outfits.

Always present in winter,tights of Scala have high resistance to prevent fraying and details that make the look even more modern.For an air of sensuality,the detail on income thighs should be used with skirts and dresses.For more sophisticated looks,the pantyhose win streak on the back of the legs and delicate Swarovski crystals ankle.With high transparency,pantyhose Make Up bronzer gives effect to the skin,even in the coldest season of the year.There are even models with texture knitting,Chevron and Piquet.

The autumn / winter collection 2012 Scala is available in 120 stores in major cities and capitals of Brazil.


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