Physical training improves your Surf

March 11, 2014 – 07:13 pm

Artur Aguiar

Artur Aguiar - Surf Team

How exercise training improves your surfing

You know your physical fitness is related directly to the type of surfboard which will be developed by your shaper? That's right, will influence the size , width, thickness, distribution of buoyancy and surfboard fin placement , so it is very important even if only surfer weekend to have a physical activity that will help improve your performance and time of surfing.

So there's no way we have to keep in shape all the time if possible, even when we are away from the beach or even at the beach on days without waves. Here follows some tips of what we can do to keep in shape.

Aerobic Training

This is a very important training for surfing, increasing resistance cardio pulmonary Surfer will require much paddling or even if caught by a series of waves will need and much lung. The ideal is to practice 03 times a week a run of at least one hour after starting slowly increasing the pace, playing squash, martial arts. Before practicing these sports is always given to a physical evaluation along with a professional and check if able to do this sport with a doctor.

Swimming Training

Swimming for surfing is a great sport because it is working all the muscles of the body beyond its breath, slowly go training shots of 100, 200 and 300 meters and long distance training and apnea trying to stay as long as possible under water , it will help a lot in the days of good surf.

Bodybuilding Training

Very important to strengthen some muscles that are constantly used in the surf as: legs, arms, back, lumbar and adomem. The ideal is to make larger series with little load weight to increase strength and endurance, also very important to stretch before and after exercise because we need to have the body strong and supple and in maneuvers with the board.

Training Replay

We know all this above is the sole importance to its development in the surf, plus of course correct that the board will also help you greatly and the number of hours in the water and amount of waves to be surfed regardless of the weather be cold, hot, bad or good waves. Which leads to perfection in sports is the dedication and repetition so always give yourself both inside and outside the water.

Good waves and great surfing!


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