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Weight Loss Plateau: Ardyss Body Magic Shaper Review

June 19, 2011 – 00:00

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Our society today is loaded with ways to lose weight, some of which are really extreme, such as dangerous diet pills, fad diets or inappropriate. As you may know, is one of the less extreme methods to how to wear a body shaper, the Ardyss Body Magic. You have probably all claims magic that Ardyss out there has said, with his slogan lose 2-3 sizes instantly heard. So many weight loss methods drau must not work, so how could this unreal claim be true? The following is an Ardyss Body Magic Shaper review based on've had, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages. Compiled accounts of the experiences that users of the product But before we begin, here is a description of the product for those who do not know about it.

What is Body Magic?

The very popular Ardyss Body Magic Shaper is a product developed by orthopedic surgeons to immediately reduce the size and improve the appearance of your body. It is an undergarment with a medically light material built. Produced in sizes 22 to 48, Body Magic claims to organize fat in your body into its right position and accelerates weight loss. It also claims to straighten your spine and correct your posture over time. Simply by wearing it consistently, it will tone your hips and thighs, flatten belly, firm up your buttocks and lift your breasts.

Ardyss Body Magic - Disadvantages

- Not the easiest to put on underwear first. You can take help of a friend for the first few times that you require it to.

- You can slight discomfort for the first few times that you wear it when your body is not used to the garment close to the body experience.

- May not work if you buy the wrong size. Too small to be tight. Your blood flow can actually be reduced if you get wearing a too-tight. Her chest size (measurement around your body directly under your breast) should be the size that you purchase. For example, if you measure 32, you should buy a 32

- Friction occur when you buy a size too small. It also helps to use some moisturizer to reduce it

Ardyss Body Magic - Benefits

- The discomfort of the stage only lasts 3-4 wears. Your body gets used quite quickly Underwear

- How the discomfort factor, you will easily be able to put it on even after a few times

- You can wear it all day long. In fact, the more you wear them, the better the results

- Can be placed with the rest of the clothes in the washing machine

- Can be too hot in summer, not to be worn. The material is breathable so that you stay cool

- Immediate eliminates muffin tops by compression, the distribution to other areas of the body

- Immediate flattens your tummy

- Firms thighs and hips

- Company up breasts and buttocks

- Helps straighten the spine so you correct your posture

- Improves internal organ functions

Concluding remark

The typical reaction to this product is very positive. It really does what it claims, that is, losing 2-3 sizes almost immediately. Of course, no product is perfect, and the Body Magic has its shortcomings. The difficulty putting it on yourself at first can be a problem, especially if you do not have someone readily able to help you. Also you can bear to feel some slight discomfort for the first 3-4. However, it seems that most people who have used the product like to go through this initial discomfort phase as the results they get are worth. This Ardyss Body Magic Shaper review has intended to have you with both positive and negative experiences real life, people had it. Hopefully it will, to allow you enough information for you to make an informed decision about this product.


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