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Esprit Bodywear Skirt (knee length) X0156/Feel Soli.Shape: Clothing

August 26, 2013 – 14:08

Shapewear Legging - Body Shaping and Slimming Leggings and Pants

Hautfarben (JC) | Größe: 38 | Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf Color: Skin color (JC) | Size: 38 | Amazon Verified Purchase

but not for anganliegende tops. Here I have "only" the loop (you can also cut off) and the drapery "topless" disturbed untenrum the flattened butt. I usually wear clothing 36/38, 70F bra - so I'm quite slim, especially in the waist area.

The skirt itself should ensure that my thicker thighs not so ugly emerge under skirts. But he has leveled at the passage of the Po thighs, as he has everything "equalized": Knackpo ade.

Too bad. First experiments in the same pants size bodices were a letdown: since S is at least 2 sizes too small.

Conclusion: It'll be back with more sports and thigh Care (! Pflegeöl beautiful extensively - and regularly - massage) try. This helps longer lasting than as a flat rock pressures. And for the bikini figure that's a better solution.

All of which helps no sports or do not have time for this: Women with not so big difference between waist and hip / thigh circumference as me this skirt is probably a good solution. In my 1, 78 m also fit the aspect ratio, smaller women sits just below the upper edge probably the bra.

I buy probably the next 10 years no bodice skirt - unless it's really good to push up the butt.


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