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The trick of the famous to lose kilos in Oscars

April 14, 2014 – 01:15 am

What Is A Body Shaper And What Does It Do? - Body Shapers And How

By White Almandoz

None of yo-yo, not 30-minute treatments at the rate of $ 1, 500. We talk about technique shapewear, such that no celebritie confesses when asked "who did you get? ' and yet it is the practice that most resort's famous red carpet . Rather than Elie Saab, Roland Mouret, or the very Armani, shapewear garments have carved a niche among all necessary high class event. At full ceremony the Oscars, the dresses do Glamour gateway and continue the legacy of Blake Lively in search of easy beauty . therefore we echo this news. And because we like women-maiden as Jessica Chastain , Reese Witherspoon , and Catherine Z Jones analyze the technique that promises to reduce a size (real) without starving.

If beauty is measured by inches, Louboutin, Blahnik , Jimmy Choo or the thriving Charlotte Olympia would be the talk of many celebrities, but it is a matter of inner beauty-curves-and much of the credit is taken Spanx and Maidenform. The two flagship brands in modeling expert female body without resorting to cosmetic medicine and treatment. Fascia "miraculous" or the pledge of women's lingerie out of the closet in recent years.

Experts (and there are) are called shapers and name, rather than a mere stylistic or marketing question, answers the need for product differentiation modern symbol of oppression of the 50s and 60s. Today its design-seamless and made ​​from smart fabrics-intended, against all odds, ensuring comfort and encourage self-reliance and security of women. Perhaps there are some skeptics his explanation to the eternal question of why wear skinny also.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Stewart and other devout confessed, what advantages can be offered on their slim figures? "Put yourself tight dress without any molding reveals a body garment which is not desirable. Most women feel more comfortable and safer if you bring some subject" explained once Colette L. Wong, lingerie expert and professor at the Fashion Insitute of Technology. And is that not everything is a question of reducing. Since the doctor warned us of Clinical Rosso M + C: "the worst enemy of a woman is sagging "and the celebrities seem to have found shapewear techniques, the best solution. Its success five keys:

Source: www.glamour.es

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