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March 10, 2014 – 05:09 pm

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This is not a fashion blog, is a blog of suffering related to fashion.

Type I will never be a fashion journalist.

Or that the thing with the two C I long for some time costs too much.

These are, say, suffering soul, more or less important. Closely related to self-pity and self pity (it's my specialty: D)

Sometimes, however, the suffering is physical and identifies an object accurately.

In my case, this:

This thing here is an instrument of torture. Yes, okay, it's a pattern reminiscent of the inner pin up, has a vaguely vintage 50s, is very "monicabelluccesco" and blah blah blah.

Raga, this deal here HURTS for real. The famous brand of underwear that brought this "petticoat shaping effect, " in fact "very thick sheath therein is: - glove, " has seen fit to propose the spring - summer, as I was told by the nice job to which I submitted my disappointment. Here in Florence (and we are in June!) There are 28 degrees and is 22:41. In a few days it will come to 40 degrees without even having the time to make it happen. Ergo, the slip in question (who mold us that makes us look like the fennel wrapped in the gut) is not exactly the best for summer temperatures. It sticks to the body as the foundation samples are plastered on the pages of newspapers: sometimes, to pull them away, you come out the veins on his forehead ... and something else (but we are among ladies, so I conterr├▓).

Things went like this: I have two dresses, transparent. One is a big white t-shirt that I would use as a dress, one is a strapless soft top that is too long to be used as a mesh and too transparent to be used as a dress. "It takes a petticoat", I thought. I am going to Intimissimi full of hope and the order I propose this thing, with removable straps, flesh-colored, microfiber (actually what I took I is not just like the one in the picture: it has padded cups and everything is integer). It seems to be just right for me. So easy?! Ah, deluded! The contract shows me a M, I caught the runaway enthusiasm grab her, no, I do give a S. I pay around 39 Euros or so, thinking that I would have willingly spent a little bit less, but oh well, so I need! Seee.

I come home and pull out the slip by tissue paper. The first thing I think, looking at it, is the Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria. Sissi, exactly. When I went to Vienna with my parents and I visited the castle, I read the information leaflet that Sissi was obsessed by her beauty, who was skinny and wearing of corsets and restraints so tight that her waist was the size of the diameter of an apple. Carryover from Wikipedia:

"The only lacing bust, useful to get his famous wasp waist, often requiring an hour of effort."

Holy smokes. I do not want the apple, I want my watermelon. Then I thought that the hour of effort I've used it too, to slip that thing. Alone, not with the ladies of the court to help me. A Chinese torture. Sweat, suffering and compressed. Decidedly retro, but far from any ideal of sexy pin up. You can not be sexy at all in the shoes of a sausage.

You can not be comfortable nor cool in the summer with a layer of extra skin. With a pigskin, I dare say.

After I sufficiently reprimanded for the error and the precipitation with which I brought home the petticoat, I went to Intimissimi to change to another, caught the eye in the catalog, much less shaping and much more human.


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