Getting a flat stomach reducing belts using

April 25, 2014 – 06:50 am

fajas reductoras

Getting a flat stomach reducing belts using

The reducing belts are one of the most popular weight loss products that exist and are a lucrative business for their manufacturers.But what is the truth and falsehood in them?Will it help to burn fat the body shaper? Can you get a flat tummy exercising the body shaper?

Today we will try to be as objective as possible and to answer these and other questions you probably have about as about reducing belts are too many myths and claims with little scientific basis.

We find bands of very different materials but the most common are neoprene strips.The neoprene basically what it does is provide heat in the area where the belt comes into contact with skin and prevents this transpire normally.As a direct result of this and if you've tried any belts of this type,you may have noticed that when you take it off are both fascia and skin soaked in sweat.With the belt sweat more,but ..Skinnier??.Well the answer is no,the band by itself does not burn fat,only makes the sweat we sweat and all we do is lose water (which will recover as soon as we hidratemos),minerals (which is not so good) and also expel certain toxins from the skin,(now that's the good part).

Now well,what happens when you exercise with the belt?So basically the same as doing without the sash.What actually is slimming and fat burning aerobic exercise,have the band start or not,and eating a proper diet,not the belt itself.Moreover,you have to be careful if you work with the band as you could start to muscle injury if not properly set or even prevent proper blood flow in your body.

They are also very fashionable calls Colombian strips.Colombia is a country with a long experience in developing all kinds belts.Historically there has left much of the world's girdles,but today when we use the expression Colombian band usually referring to a very special type of strip completely different reducing belts we've talked about before.The Colombian band is usually a body shaper specially designed to highlight certain parts of the female body,such as breasts,buttocks and thighs getting a silhouette very feminine,sensual and curvaceous as Latinas.

There is usually a wide variety of these types of bands,there to mold the whole figure,only to the waist,thighs and legs,to lift the buttocks ..there are even belts for men,do not go thinking that only women use these products.The Colombian band usually conceals fats and shapes the body,not thin.It also talks a lot lately with biocrystals belts, supposedly reduce cellulite and improve circulation when you wear them,but that's another story.

Conclusion, reduce belly and get a flat stomach is more complicated than it seems and shaper actually makes little or no face-to have the flat tummy.

fajas colombianas


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