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By Marcelo Predictor / hbpix.com 10/10/12 at 00:01 GMT-03: 00

Miguel Pupo and Wagner display boards in California. Photo: Marcelo Predictor / hbpix.com.

Photographer Marcelo Predictor, the site HBPix , a resident of Huntington Beach, traded a cool idea with Wagner and Miguel Pupo, family history of surfing in São Paulo.

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It's a conversation held during the U.S. Open in California in August. And, if you like, it is surfboard, specifically those produced with love by Wagner in workshop Ohana Pupo - OHP.

What's involvement in the manufacture of surfboards Miguel him?

Wagner worked well next to develop models of surfboards, curve types, degree of angle of fins for different types of waves and championships. We sat and talked and develop a suitable model for better use in each step.

It uses mobile or fixed keels?

Wagner only use mobile keels Future Fins. Is the keel that Michael thinks he has the best answer.

Many professional surfers do not understand surfboard design and leave everything to the discretion of the shaper. Miguel is so?

Wagner No way. Michael actively participates in the creation of his boards.

He understands a lot of surfboards, you know exactly what works for him. On the other hand, is always open to test new designs. Sometimes he says: "Father, let a little more fluctuation in the front."

You can tell if a board is good just put it under your arm?

Thanks Miguel, gives yes. Most times already come to know if the board will work only to put under her arm.

I notice that when giving air, you put your front foot well near the tip of the board. You had to change something in the boards because of this?

Miguel Yes, we work hard in the fluctuation of the area next to the burner, just to ease back on the air.

Before Wagner, when Miguel turned the air, the board sneezed or tied in lip. After many tests, we have developed a board that allows him to return the air smoothly and with great control.

Nowadays many surfers are adding quadriquilhas to quiver. You have already tested quadriquilhas or even want to know that?

Miguel went back to Brazil Indonesia with the idea of making a quadriquilha. We made one and was excellent.

Worked on what kind of waves?

Miguel A quadriquilha worked well in all conditions. It is great for maneuvering and catching tubes. Big waves and small too. It is an all-rounder.

Michael Wagner will take quadriquilhas to Teahupoo and see if she holds the tubes. We quadriquilhas a small, similar to those used by Kelly Slater.

Wagner, you're used to the waves in Brazil. How can you make planks for use in Teahupoo Miguel, a wave very different from what is used?

Wagner worked in outline, Miguel forehead and give me feedback.

But generally the boards he uses in Teahupoo do not run much of the other surfers use there.

Miguel During the championships, I get many boards in hand to see what other surfers are using. What I think is worth it, in my next testo boards.

Michael Wagner was with Kelly in Tahiti and saw the planks it in detail.

Oh, I get it. Michael is like a spy during the championships. He grabs the boards of other tops, see what they are using and try to copy or adapt the news for his boards? (Laughs)

Source: waves.terra.com.br

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