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August 26, 2013 – 14:06


Ardyss Body Fashion

The new body fashion, not just a body shaper, also helps improve posture and proper blood circulation benefits strengthening exercise results.

More information or buy orders here the body fashion

Ardyss Angel Bra

Our Ardyss Angel Bra bra helps keep their orientation. Prevents sagging and reaffirms its location. Bra Angel Compact tissues equals the volume of the breasts, prevents fragmentation, prevents the formation of cysts.

More information or buy Bra remodeler

Ardyss Body Magic

Ardyss body magic tune corrects your posture and body lines, removes fat from the crotch and enhances the buttocks. Sets the fatty tissue and to prevent this from accumulating.

More information or buy Body Magic Ardyss

Remodeler Body Length - long body reshaping

Provides a smooth and pleasant body making you look slim and slender figure, helps reduce and reshape the waist area, great for correcting posture.

More information or buy Body remodeler Long

Body short remodeler

Recommended for bodies with thin legs without fat accumulation in the hip, leg and crotch.

More information or buy Body remodeler short

Corselette Deluxe - Deluxe corselette

The straps adjust for shoulder back into place. The rods are flexible to refine your waist.

More information or buy Corselette Deluxe

Waist golden - golden corset

It has a tricochete (three rows of pins) adjusting three different sizes so check the tuning of detail. .

More information or buy golden waistband

Price: $ 75.00 USD

Vedette Waist - Slim Shaper

Made of latex, special fat burning. Reduce Chest and waist is an ideal complement to the remodeling. Is recommended for 3 to 4 hours per day.

More information or buy waistband vedette

Vedette Vest - Slim Shaper with straps

Removes Fat in back and waist, made in latex to facilitate sweating and thus burn fat more easily ..

More information or buy vest vedette


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