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April 6, 2014 – 04:34 pm

A women love! Bras shapers, bras control enhancement bras, bras reducing FABULOUS STRAPLESS

Strapless Bras! Find a wide variety of styles, colors and materials, we make it easier to find your ideal bra that fits perfectly to your figure.


Power your attributes, highlight your beauty and she enjoys multi bras that offer comfort, versatility and style. Find them in cups B - C - D - DD.

Favorites Strapless
Push Up

The secret to perfect look is to use the right garment. The


Leonisa offer all the benefits you need, styles and your favorite materials. We have a broad portfolio of bras and


that you can not miss a different bra for every occasion: enhancement bra , to make you feel super sexy, lacy bra for your romantic moments balconet bras for you to use with your shirts strapless sports bra to make you feel comfortable and cool while exercising; variety of sizes and cups including: 34b, 36b, 38b, 34c, 36c, 38c, and more. Find yours and enjoy!

Now you get closer to the brand that knows you thoroughly, Leonisa is present throughout the world through online shopping, and is much easier to access the clothes that you love from the comfort of your home. You have a choice of bras that best suit your style, your body, and most importantly, provide you comfort and much-needed softness. Meet our new technologies and materials applied in creating new styles of bras that offer visibility, control, comfort, reduction.MULTI Do not miss our top 10 favorite bra , best bras and with the highest ratings.

Push Up Bras
Different designs and styles of bras that offer the benefit enhancement. The push up bra bust up giving you a very sexy look. You can find different levels of enhancement: extreme lift, medium enhancement natural enhancement. Choose yours according to your taste.The Bra Issue 1 Perfect Posture corrector for all time

Strapless Bras
A strapless bra you can not miss, is perfect for use with all types of clothing. These bras have a non-slip elastic helps it stay in place and gives you more freedom of movement when worn strapless.

Bras Reducers
Bras with good coverage of the bust, materials and special designs are reducing fasteners that help reduce cup sizes, are ideal for women with large breasts who need a little more support.

Posture Corrector
An amazing garment that offers orthopedic and control benefits. The posture corrector bra helps you keep your back straight, improve body position and also controls the back with comfort and perfect fit.Favorite Bras

Lace Bra
The sexy lingerie is also necessary at times. Bras lace with delicate motifs that awaken the sensual and romantic side.

Half Cup Bras
The demi cup bras are half bust coverage are generally triangular bra cups show a little more skin, and are accompanied by low necklines. They are a very sexy option.

Invisible Bras
An Invisible bra Leonisa you feel like a second skin, is gentle contact with your skin, and is soft, light, and does not mark under your clothes.

Control Bra
A control bra or support bra has good coverage of the bust, helps you control the volume, and gives you maximum support and firmness comfort. These bras are feminine designs, modern and also have the benefit of control.

The bustier is an interesting proposal that offers a perfect modeling of the bust and also has the benefit of controlling the abdomen.

San Valentin


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Again really.. a debate YAY

1. not all girls wear makeup. so therefore they have to rely on their personality (if they have one) if they dont, they have to come up with something else.
guys have clothes. if a guy even dresses good, he'll get a secong look from me.
2. guys also have girdles, heels, body shapers.. its called crossdressing. and there are heels on your boots (for the most part) and on most dress shoes. not high heels, but heels regardless.
3.girls also need to take care of their hair, body, teeth, skin, smell, shoes, clothes. do you realize how paranoid and whatnot girls are? Yes, we like the strong type guy

Weak Ankles And Kitten Heels: A Tribute To Nicci Gilbert  — Crunk + Disorderly
.. here for the juicy girls. “Do I need a jacket to hide potential back boobs? Should I wear two body shapers or three? Is my make-up Sweaty Black Club proof?” But there is no issue more troubling than finding a heel strong enough to support a NFL ..

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  • Avatar Ebnrjn21 What do you think of the Kymaro body shaper?
    Feb 10, 2010 by Ebnrjn21 | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

    I just ordered the Kymaro body shaper, two of the tops and the shorts. I went by the their size chart and got a 2 top and a 4 short. I was wondering what people thought of their Kymaro body shaper and how well it worked or didn't work. I am a slightly above average girl so i was wondering if it does work for slightly bigger women? All opinions welcomed thanks!

    • I know this probably wont be your ideal answer but...Yesterday I bought a Slim N Lift and it fits awfully. It is nothing like what the infomercial says anyways please let me know how your KBS works...that's probably gonna be my next stop.

  • Avatar xtinanders Has anyone out there tried the new kymaro body shaper?
    Dec 03, 2007 by xtinanders | Posted in Other - Skin & Body

    I saw the commercial on tv. Its very convincing! Im just wondering if anyones tried it and if it really works!

    • I just got it in the mail and since I'm short, the sizing chart that they give in order to get the right size, was not that accurate for me. The size I got was for a big and very tall woman, not just a big woman. It seems like it would work great if you order the right size. I think I'll just sell mine on ebay because I'd have to pay more shipping and handling fees for my right size if I exchanged it with the company.