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April 22, 2014 – 05:00 am

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If you're like most brides, you would go to great lengths to look your best on the big day. While some brides take to heart the old adage "No pain, no gain", there are some shortcuts you can take to look picture perfect for your wedding. Here are some beauty tips to boost your bridal look - and the best part is that they will give you immediate results!

If you are sporting a short do and if you want more for your wedding locks, hair extensions - several strands of fake hair attached to your real hair - are your best bet. These will give the volume of your hair style and even a little color, the longer they look more natural than wigs. You can opt for clip on extensions if you want to wear your hair long just for the wedding, but you can also have extensions done professionally if you want to keep after the date of submission. Most hair extensions are made of synthetic material, but some are made of real hair. Keira Hair Extensions offers a variety of hair extensions, which are made of 100% real human hair.

Body Shapers
If you are worried about a bulging belly, but you do not have time to go to the gym (and go under the knife is out of the question), then you can wear a body shaper. If you want to raise your buttocks, enhance your bust, or hide love handles, body shapers can manage your figure flaws. Body Shapers range of swimwear fitting to skin tight shorts that go all the way up to your bust line below. Their tight form and using the structure smooth bumps, so that you can slip into your wedding dress effortlessly. You can try Dress Support La Senza or Bikeshort Shaping a desirable form of wedding loan.

See also our article on Weightless Strapless Convertible Bra La Senza.

Want to have additional expressive eyes on your wedding day? If liquid eyeliners and mascaras are not thick enough for you, consider getting eyelash extensions. There are stick-on false eyelashes available in department stores (PhP150) - You can wear these great days. However, if you want more sustainable long eyelashes, you can get professional eyelash extensions. Lavish Lashes is an exhibition dedicated to brighten your peepers, and they have a variety of extensions of eyelashes can choose. Their extensions are carefully glued on along the lash line, if they can stay as long as two weeks!

For more information on the professional eyelash extension, see our article on Lavish Lashes.

Put on a sexy short dress for the reception, but worry about some spots on your legs? If wear stockings or tights are not your thing, then be spray on leg makeup might do the trick. A test product is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (PhP1000) leg make-up - the water resistant formula will make your legs naturally flawless all day. Simply spray on make-up, and you're ready to show off those legs in no time! Do not forget to let the makeup dry completely before you put on your dress - brown streaks do not go well with your outfit.


Braun Braun Cruzer 5 Beard Trimmer 1 Count
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  • Ultra sharp stainless steel trimming element for defined beard styles
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I would try

Spanx and the South Beach diet
And exercise hard core... sign up for a boot camp or personal trainer.
Actually I recommend the Victorias Secret body shapers most... their firm ones are much firmer than any Spanx.
This will work kinda quickly for this reunion or whatever it is...a lot comes off with South Beach in the first two weeks like 8-10 lbs (yes prob water weight but you will look slimmer) and in your case clearly its a confidence issue more than anything else!!
Good luck. And please remember that your strong amazing body produced a HUMAN BEING and the only evidence of that is a slightly puffy, beautiful belly. Our scars make us...

Getting a guy to look at her is ALL she

Has to do...and "she" has lots of things (makeup, cute clothes, heels, hairstyles, body shapers/girdles/push-up bras, help with the whole act.
as men, we now have to look great, which didn't used to be the case so much-women were more about us being rugged and unrefined because we had to DO all the WORK generally (and because we were MEN, lol) being big and strong and male was enough to be attractive, we were SUPPOSED to be the opposite of the prettily coiffed and arrayed girl. NOW, women feel so empowered that they demand a similar level of hot from us-a taken-care of body, good hair, teeth, skin, clothes, shoes, smell, etc

Again really.. a debate YAY

1. not all girls wear makeup. so therefore they have to rely on their personality (if they have one) if they dont, they have to come up with something else.
guys have clothes. if a guy even dresses good, he'll get a secong look from me.
2. guys also have girdles, heels, body shapers.. its called crossdressing. and there are heels on your boots (for the most part) and on most dress shoes. not high heels, but heels regardless.
3.girls also need to take care of their hair, body, teeth, skin, smell, shoes, clothes. do you realize how paranoid and whatnot girls are? Yes, we like the strong type guy

Weak Ankles And Kitten Heels: A Tribute To Nicci Gilbert  — Crunk + Disorderly
.. here for the juicy girls. “Do I need a jacket to hide potential back boobs? Should I wear two body shapers or three? Is my make-up Sweaty Black Club proof?” But there is no issue more troubling than finding a heel strong enough to support a NFL ..

Yukon Giant Butt & Thigh Shaper
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  • Heavily padded for comfort
  • Plate rack for easy storage
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  • Avatar Ebnrjn21 What do you think of the Kymaro body shaper?
    Feb 10, 2010 by Ebnrjn21 | Posted in Fashion & Accessories

    I just ordered the Kymaro body shaper, two of the tops and the shorts. I went by the their size chart and got a 2 top and a 4 short. I was wondering what people thought of their Kymaro body shaper and how well it worked or didn't work. I am a slightly above average girl so i was wondering if it does work for slightly bigger women? All opinions welcomed thanks!

    • I know this probably wont be your ideal answer but...Yesterday I bought a Slim N Lift and it fits awfully. It is nothing like what the infomercial says anyways please let me know how your KBS works...that's probably gonna be my next stop.

  • Avatar xtinanders Has anyone out there tried the new kymaro body shaper?
    Dec 03, 2007 by xtinanders | Posted in Other - Skin & Body

    I saw the commercial on tv. Its very convincing! Im just wondering if anyones tried it and if it really works!

    • I just got it in the mail and since I'm short, the sizing chart that they give in order to get the right size, was not that accurate for me. The size I got was for a big and very tall woman, not just a big woman. It seems like it would work great if you order the right size. I think I'll just sell mine on ebay because I'd have to pay more shipping and handling fees for my right size if I exchanged it with the company.

  • Avatar Blazzzzin How can I get my breasts smaller without surgery or spending a lot of money?
    Jun 03, 2009 by Blazzzzin | Posted in Women's Health

    I have HUGE breasts and I hate them! I have always hated them. I can never find a good quality comfortable bra that fits and trying to find shirts that fit and look good? Forget it! Is there anything I can do to get them smaller? No surgeries and non-expensive. Please do not tell me to enjoy them blah blah....thanks

    • Since breast tissue is composed of mainly adipose tissue (fat), you will want to follow a plan to reduce your overall body fat levels. When you lose body fat, it will come off from all over your body including your breas …them in certain stores that carries them, or something like that, try them.
      Worst comes to worst, save enough money and go for the surgery. Or maybe you can convinced your insurance that you need it for your back.