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U.S. researchers suggest virtual reality technology may help to lose weight _ International _ News _ Sina

August 26, 2013 – 17:36

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Exercise, diet food, diet pills ...... Today, people are constantly trying new ways to lose weight. U.S. researchers suggest that, if the virtual reality technology to shape their own image to a shape, "demonstration", may help people lose weight in reality.

Earlier studies have found that people watch their virtual characters similar to the one on the treadmill running, are more likely to exercise the next day. U.S. George Washington University professor Melissa Napolitano on the 1st in the "Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, " the report said, they hope to figure out whether this method is used to help people lose weight.

To this end, the researchers first 128 overweight women to conduct preliminary investigations, the majority of these women in the past year have tried to lose weight, and most have never played a virtual reality game. The results found that nearly of the respondents expressed their willingness to participate in this attempt.

Researchers then pick and choose eight people, tailored for them in color, image, and so close to their own physical characteristics of virtual characters. Researchers for each participant produced a DVD, its content is the virtual characters in different contexts demonstrates how to lose weight. Participants do not need to manipulate the virtual characters, they simply watch the video of the virtual character.

During the four-week trial, which eight women clinic once a week and watch a 15-minute video. For example, in one lesson, these women watch virtual characters sit down to dinner and consider how much food components; In another lesson, they watch the virtual characters on a treadmill workout, weight loss goals and learn to complete the required pace. End of the trial, in which four women mean weight loss of 1.6 kg, compared with traditional dieting program considerably.

Napolitano said in a statement that this small trial showed that cultivate healthy habits, virtual reality technology may be a promising new tool. In addition, although the study are women, but the weight loss methods for men may also apply. (Reporter Lin Xiaochun)


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