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August 26, 2013 – 17:37


by adrianodesouza |

In the last few weeks I've been in the care of the staff of DioSport and Dr Alexandre F.Barberini's Sports Dental Check Up,to further improve the performance.They are specialists in dentistry and sports equipment can see why all his force generated by the muscles of the mouth.Thanks to SC Corinthians Paulista by these professionals put at my disposal.


by adrianodesouza |

Hey guys,

The year started and I had some changes in my walk.

Change is always good,so I'm motivated to start this new year with new partners who have come to stay.The Red Bull is always investing in my career,so the 7th to February 14 will to Austria for Training Camp (Training Center),where I can scan my entire body to further improve the performance.

The Corinthians have given me support from training here in Brazil,I have the whole structure of the club,my partnership with them is growing every day and hope I can continue like this to achieve my ultimate goal.

Now I am part of the team also XYZ Live,image management for athletes.My focus is surfing,so they are with me,to take care of my schedule and my business.

Arrive in Australia on January 29,one month before the WCT,stay there until the trip from Austria,and then back again.I have my shaper in Australia,where I am studying the best surfboard for Snapper.

Will compete the traditional event Newcastle,6 star event which begins before the Gold Coast.I was invited to the event to defend the 2008 title.

I hope to have all of you in the first event of 2013.Thanks!


by adrianodesouza |

Dearest President Dilma,

I've been through this vent,ask just one question.Why?
I am Brazilian,I honor the flag around the world and I am now known as the best in the sport of Brazilian Surf.Millions of Brazilians accompany my sport,practice and vibrate with the scene of this photo,but unfortunately the IRS held my Brazilian championship trophy championship Jeffreys Bay,South Africa,claiming that I would use as EXPOSURE.
With the little time I have here in Brazil,and one from a trip I make to compete,I do my best to solve this problem that seems to have no more solution.I have sent various types of documents and copies but still asking me thousands more.I am tired.For over three months I've been having this difficulty to get my trophy,and dreaming about him every day in my house.
And I ask President Dilma,WHY?I travel a lot and work year round in search of titles to Brazil,to honor our flag,and when it does Brazil itself prevents me from having hands on MY TROPHY?

Source: globoesporte.globo.com

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