Wholesale White Corset Cincher underbust body shaper sexy lingerie retail 8172, free shipping, $ 15.22/Set

May 1, 2014 – 08:06 am


Item Specifications

  • Type of product: Body
  • Shaper Type: Corset
  • Model Number: 8172
  • Gender: Women
  • Quantity: 121
  • Item Type: bustiers and corsets
  • Color: White, Black


  • Product Name: Free Shipping! Cincher Underbust white corset body lift shaper Sexy Lingerie Retail 8172
  • Item Code: 155591998
  • Category: Shapers Add to Favorites Categories
  • Short description:

    Corset cheap, buy quality lingerie directly from China Underbust Corset Suppliers: White Shaper Cincher underbust corset with matching string G.Acciaio front closure boned.

  • Quantity: 1 Set
  • Package Size: 36.0 * 32.0 * 1.0 (cm)
  • Gross Weight / Package: 0.2 (kg)

Supply Type: In-Stock Items
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Cincher Underbust corset white sexy lingerie wholesale retail

* Item No: 8172

* Color: White, Black

* Size: XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL

* White Shaper Cincher underbust corset with matching string G.Acciaio front closure disossato.Cucita retro.Sotto on the bust design make it sexy and fashion.Materia Gothic.

Color Black

U.S. $ 8.42 - U.S. $ 16.84 / Set

Please write the color and the request according to the measure in remark box in a short senso.Per example:

Blue S-1 M-2 M-6 Viola

If you don `t tell us which size you want in the 24 hours after you make the order, we will send the random size.






UK & AU size

Size Euro

United States of America Sizes


32 "-34

24 "-26"

34 "-36"





34 -36

26 -28

36 -38 "





36 -38

28 -30

38 -40 "




X Large

38 -40

30 -32

40 -42




2x Large

40 -42

32 -34

42 -44 "




3X Large

42 -44

34 -36

44 -46 "




4X Big

44 -46

36 -38

46 -48 "




Big 5X

46 -48

38 -40

48 -50 "




6X Large

48 -50

40 -42

50 -52 "




Please contact us if you have any questions about our available sizes and available colors.

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Source: it.dhgate.com

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You can use a girdle/body shaper

In Vietnam where my mom is from, everyone does this - learned from the French. I did this both times with my kids and my stomach is back to the same pre pregnancy pretty much. My stomach was small immediately afterwards, but my girlfriend's was like yours and it helped immensely.
You don't need to spend big money on a "binder" per se. I tight girdle (corset looking, but just soft boning so you can wear it all the time) then a high waisted body shaper (thick elastic granny panties up to the bra line) are good options. Buy them smaller than you normally would so they are tight

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